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October 2009


Adding code to weebly
Working with Adbrite in weebly
Adding code to 350 pages
Adding code to iWeb08

Almost everyone these days spends a good deal of time surfing - and in many cases, a good deal of money, too. The net is booming like never before, and wouldn't it be great to profit from that growth? To actually make money from the web rather than simply spend it?

There are dozens of online companies providing web ads, and of course, we're showing you many here in clickspiration. Ads come in many different formats, from simple text links to whizz-bang shopping malls, but as far as you're concerned, however, many work similarly - you'll get paid every time a visitor clicks the ad or uses it to make a purchase.

And there are many commission-based affiliate options, too, where your own income will depend on generating sales or some kind of lead from the ads on your pages.

The term 'targetting' is often used with ads. Here's more info:

To increase the chances of people actually clicking your ads, it's best if they reflect your visitors' interests, a technique known as targetting. If, for example, your blog focuses on Country Music, it's obvious that ads for something like art supplies are not very likely to appeal to your audience.

Luckily, you don't have to lift a finger to make targetting happen because the best ad providers use sophisticated, behind-the scenes scripting to ensure it takes place. All you need do is choose a company (or perhaps a selection), sign up, and start inserting their ads into your blog.

Before you start, though, make sure you have a personal domain and that your site's up to scratch. Many companies check your pages to ensure they meet minimum standards; many more will insist you have your own domain.


instant advertising: iWeb08 and weebly

As we've said all along, it IS possible to build great websites without going too near anything technical, and as far as ads are concerned, both iWeb08 and weebly provide simple set-up options.


iWeb's advertiser of choice is google AdSense, so to start with, you'll need to sign up for your own AdSense account.

When that's done, make sure you know your personal AdSense ID, as you'll need to use this with any ads you create in iWeb08 - you won't get paid otherwise!

You'll find this in your personal AdSense admin area. It's under the Account Settings tab in Property Information right at the bottom of the page, and will look something like this:


Once you've made a note of this, it's simply a matter of clicking the Web Widgets button at the base of the iWeb window, choosing the google AdSense option, adding your account number, then dragging it into position. Nothing easier!


Weebly allows you to automatically use Adbrite units in your pages, although the process is not quite as straightforward as iWeb - you'll need to work at least once with Adbrite's code, at least to get things set up.

For this reason, we'll talk you through this option once we've taken a look at the basics of using ad code....

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