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August 2009


Web creation options that ANYONE can use to start advertising online!

Web creation option 1: weebly
Web creation option 2: 350 pages
Web creation option 3: Mac iWeb

Although the online world is far less mysterious than it might at first seem, the truth is that it's often hard to avoid the odd bit of tecchy stuff. But hang on - don't panic! We said we'd make this simple and that's what we're here to do.

For anyone scared stiff by the thought of website creation, there are a few easy-as-pie ways to create your very own site. Not as many as we'd like, it's true, but certainly enough to get ANYONE up and running.

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Option 1: weebly.com

Take a look, of course - but make sure you head back for further info on domains, placing ads, and other money earning tips!

Wonderful weebly really is as easy as it gets, with not even a sniff of anything scary. This site uses the latest web technology to allow anyone to create a website in the easiest possible way, and all completely free!

Just sign up, choose a template, then breeze through the process of designing your own pages using text and image 'elements'.

easy web design with weebly elements left: weebly offers a wide range of elements to add to pages, including Google maps, RSS feeds and video

Elements are dragged into position, then filled with your own typed text or uploaded content. Jazz things up with interactive contact forms, Google maps, video and sound - and you'll probably want to leave space for your own money-making ads, too!

simple web creation: drag and drop
left: dragging an element

It really is difficult to go wrong with Weebly. Template designs are slick and professional-looking, and although you don't have very much flexibility regarding color schemes, that's more than made up for by the sheer simplicity of the page making process.

When you're done, just click a button to 'publish' your site online. Seriously, it's that easy!

Once you've made your site:

Add your own domain name

If you're not sure what this is, all is revealed in our next section on domains. And don't worry, weebly again makes makes this process child's play!


Option 2: 350.com

Take a look, of course - but make sure you head back here for further info on domains, placing ads, and other cash earning tips!

Admittedly, 350 is less straightforward than oh-so-simple weebly, but that's partly because its clusters of editing panels provide extra control over finer points of layout.

simple web creation: drag and drop
left: 350.com template samples

And while the lack of drag and drop functionality can seem a little awkward at first (350 uses buttons to create new areas within a page) it's still a great choice for beginners looking for a quick and simple way to get online - especially if you're looking to create pages with a certain degree of flexibility.

Like weebly, you start with a template then add your own text and images. Filling the template sections is fairly easy, so if you want to keep things simple, that's the way to go.

But since you can edit in dozens of different ways, we're pretty sure you'll want to experiment at least a little - it'll take you beyond the slightly awkward initial learning curve, and there's nothing to lose because it's easy to delete pages and start over.

Image editing options are particularly smart - add special effects such as shadows to imported images, or transform text and buttons in a 'live' preview before going ahead with changes. There's a lot to discover in 350 pages!

it's simple to apply effects with 350's image editorleft: apply effects with 350's image editor

When you're done, just click a button and - hey presto! - your site's online.

There's absolutely no cost involved, although free sites feature 350's own ad banners. You can opt to remove these for a very reasonable annual fee, but since the no-cost option doesn't restrict you showing ads too, if you're happy to share your money-making space, go ahead!

Once you've made your site:

Add your own domain name

You'll almost certainly want to do this. We explain what a domain name is in a separate section, and don't worry, 350 again makes this process as simple as possible.

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