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What's webspace?

September 2009


Web space, put simply, is your very own location on the internet.

This is generally provided by a web hosting company, most of which sell combined domain name and web space packages.

Investing in one of these is a major advantage, because it means that your new domain name and web space are instantly connected together, ready for use.

Large, busy websites require a more expensive package giving them plenty of online space and the means to receive a lot of visitor 'traffic'. Most beginners should be fine with a starter level or slightly higher package, but check that you can upgrade if necessary.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of web hosting companies available online, but you'll want to choose very carefully. Here are a few important points to consider:

  • can you easily afford the prices even if you don't make money with your site immediately? Compare deals from a range of companies.
  • have you checked terms and conditions - are there extra costs apart from the stated price?
  • is the company well established? (if it suddenly goes bust you'll need to retrieve your domain name and start the process all over again)
  • is it based in your own country and therefore answerable to its consumer protection standards and laws?

and last, but definitely NOT least

  • does it provide free or low cost person-to-person phone help should you need it?

Recommended hosting companies:





What's a server?

The space these companies provide is located on their servers, a word you've probably heard many times but may not fully understand (many people don't).

Basically, a server is a computer, similar to yours, except that it's much more powerful and has been designed specifically for the purpose of storing and sharing web files. Every single site on the web is hosted on a server, which you connect to behind the scenes whenever you type a domain name or other web address into a browser.

In short, when you 'buy' web space, you're purchasing the right to store your web files on a super-computer that's connected to the world wide web.

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